Company Infrastructure

Research and Development

Our Research & Development is enriched with highly qualified scientists & Techno heads. We are having wide range of research equipments and lab facility to take-up and develop new molecule. Our team is always engaged in finding new molecules, new root & operation friendly process. We have developed many processes & root for new products and to improve its quality.


Quality Assurance

The quality of K.A.Malle's Pharmaceuticals is combined efforts of the Quality Assurance and the Quality Control departments. We use the latest analytical instruments to carry out tests on all incoming raw materials and packaging materials at every stage of the production process. The entire Quality Control System is regularly audited by Quality Assurance to ensure that it meets the increasing demands of the Customers.


Safety and Environment Policy

K.A.Malle Pharmaceuticals is committed to maintain a safe workplace and clean environment by minimizing adverse effects due to its Industrial chemicals and agrochemicals manufacturing. This is achieved by proper control of its plants and related operations including effective use of pollution control equipments to ensure that its products and their manufacture will pose minimum risk to people and environment.
The Company aims to achieve continuous improvement in areas of waste minimization, optimum use of resources and release reduction by proactive management and good house keeping.
The Company implements the pollution prevention code of responsible care by applying Source reduction, recovery and recycle / reuse, and suitable treatment for any Hazardous / toxic wastes arising out of its operations.
All environment regulations is being complied without any surpass.
All employees are imparted necessary training and involve in the implementation of this policy.
The Company promotes plantation within the factory and participate in social forestry projects.
This policy, objectives and targets shall be reviewed and communicated to all employees and relevant interested parties.

Unit Process

Fridal Craft Reaction
Sentimiers Reaction
Grignard Reatction


Glass lined Reactors
Stainless Steal Reactors
Reactors from 1KL to 4+KL
Reactors capable of over 250°C and 15-18 kg/cm² pressure
Reactors equipped with distillation facility
Crystallizers / Centrifuges / Filtration Systems
Dryers / Micronizers
Autoclave for pressure reactions and hydrogenation
High vacuum and high temperature distillation facility
Air Compressors
Air Handling Units
Boiler: 3.0 TON & 1.0 TON
Chilling Plant - 30 TR at -20°C
Cooling Tower - 500 TR
DM Water Plant
Hot Oil (High therm) - 600000 Kcal.
Water Softening Plant
Material Handling System
100% Power Backup through Generators
Gas Chromatograph - 3 Nos.
Gas Chromatograph with HeadSpace
HPLC - 2 Nos.
Water Miller
Karl Fisher
Photo Coloriometer
Lab Auto Clave
Glass Assembly, etc…

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